Beat the depression without consuming any drugs or medicine

There are lots of emotions that keep on running on your mind related to your office matters, family issues or love life. When you focus on any one emotion very intentionally, it takes the face of depression. After being depressed, you don’t feel like to do work, eat or do anything creative. What should you do in such situation? If you are stuck into any depressed situations then you can easily beat it by doing these small things.

Do exercise

Do Excercise

It is true that being depressed you feel like to be quiet and alone all the time. But if you really want to get out of it then do exercise. It will boost up chemical called endorphins, which is dedicated to increase the good feeling inside you. Not only this, once you start doing exercise on daily basis, you will not ever face such situation. It constantly keeps your mind healthy and positive.

Just give a trial, stand up and walk for some time, you will definitely feel good.

Eat healthy food

Eat Healthy Food

Your food reflects your overall health. When you feel depressed, take your diet thoroughly. Try to eat healthy food like green vegetables, pulses, milk, spinach, salmon, and tuna or avocado. These types of food will help you to reduce the depression.

Take proper rest

Take Proper Rest

It is seen that people use to awake for whole day & night in depression, which is wrong. You must give proper rest to your eyes as they somehow linked with our brain. If you will not take rest then you mind will be disturbed. You don’t need to do anything big just go to your bed and take a small nap. You will feel better.

Set goals

set goals

I am not talking about any major goal just set small goals in your life like cooking delicious dishes; visit all places in your city and many similar goals. If you will not push yourself to do something different in your life, you will be stuck in your previous life and cannot ever get off the depression.

Start taking responsibility

Start Taking Responsibility

No matter, how worst is the situations, you must always try to pull forward yourself from the darkness. Taking responsibility is one of the things that you can do to get rid of depression. Don’t opt any big responsibility just start taking small responsibility like washing your clothes from your own, maintaining your room, cook for yourself etc.


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