The Cause of Dark Lips and Tips on How to prevent it

the cause of dark lips

Every woman wants her lips to be pinkish, reddish and beautiful but unfortunately the huge use of lipstick, smoking, dryness, sun exposure and more leads to the cause of dark lips. Here I am discussing the cause and solution to prevent  dark lips listed below:

  • Smoking: There is a proverb “Only a fool would put his lips at the other end of burning fire”. Dark Spot on the lips is common from smoking due to a huge amount of nicotine and tar in the cigarette which constricts the blood vessel of the lips that causes dark lips, dryness. To lighten the dark lips you have to stop smoking.


  • Intake of Caffeine– People considers coffee as the healthy drink but overindulging can cause side effects also. You have heard about “Excess of everything is bad”. Consuming too much coffee or tea will also lead to a cause of dark lips as there is a huge amount of caffeine. To prevent limit the intake of coffee or tea once in a day.

intake of caffeine

  • Dehydration – Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water regular can prevent dehydration and keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.  Intake of sufficient amount of water can help to keep your lip skin healthy.


  • Lentigo – Lentigo affects the skin which appears in the form of black or brown spots. This is caused due to chronic sun exposure or has had several sunburns. To avoid lentigo you should always wear the sunscreen with UVA/UVB Protection when you are outside the home.


  • Cosmetic Products– Women apply cosmetic products on the lips to make the lips more beautiful and impressive but the inexpensive material has lots of chemical properties which are harmful to the lips.

cosmetic products

  • Lack of Nutritional Foods– Eating disorders means lack of nutritional foods. This may cause the discolouration of the lips. To prevent the eating disorder you have to eat regular sufficient amount of vegetables, fruits which makes your skin hydrated.

lack of nutritional food













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