Foods to avoid when you are trying to lose weight

food to avoid loose weight

Well, I believe that you can eat anything, if you are taking right amount of calories and if you burning those calories in a proper manner.

There are few foods to avoid to lose weight is list of those food that will let you gain pounds instead of losing weights. We have prepared a list of food that should have no space in your diet and they are hardly making any positive impact to your health. I have prepared a list of foods to to avoid when you are trying to lose weight.

Here, I go:

List of Foods to avoid when you are trying to lose weight

Microwaved Popcorn:

A food that I don’t recommend one should never eat. Movies without Popcorn seems to be boring. This convenient food is not worth having. The main problem is the fake butter flavouring compound called diacetyl which can serious health disease. Instead of having these popcorns, you can pop them up using organic popcorn kernels with some coconut oil.

microwave popcorn

Carbonated Drinks & Diet Sodas: 

These are one of the unhealthiest food on the planet. These drinks do have added sugar that contains a lot of calories. These doesn’t fill up your stomach, which in return let you eat more. If you are thinking of losing Weight, then you should give up on these sugary carbonated drinks with immediate effect. These drinks will never let you accomplish your weight losing goals.


Diet Soda
Diet Soda

Sugary Muffins & Pastries:

Pastries, Muffins, Cookies and Cakes are all siblings of unhealthy food family. They also contain added sugar and artificial trans fats. These low nutrients food doesn’t fill you up and makes you hungry in a short while.



Protein Bars:

    They are made up of added sugar, oils, refined flour and preservatives which add up to a lot of Calories. These small packed candy bar are very tempting and hard to resist.


Protein Bars

Burgers & Pizza:

The most popular fast food is also the unhealthiest. These cheat meals are very high in calories. The refined floor base, loaded toppings and sauces makes it a must avoid food when you are losing weight. If you are craving for one, you must make it at home with healthy Vegetables.


burger and pizza

French Fries & Potato Chips:

We know that potatoes are healthy but French fries and Potato chips are equally unhealthy. These fried potato chunks are high in calories and they contribute a lot in adding extra pounds per serving. Apart from these, boiled potatoes are healthy and can be part of your diet.


french fries and potato chips


White Bread:

White Bread is made of highly refined floors which contain a lot of Sugar. They do contain gluten which increase your blood sugar level. There are many other alternative available on the market.

white bread

Alcoholic Beverages: 

Alcohol is rich in calories, especially beer. The carbonated behaviour can cause weight gain. On the other hand, wine can be a substitute if consumed within limits.


alcholic drink and beverages


Packed Fruit Juice:

You should avoid packed Fruit Juices. Packed fruit juices contain high amount of added sugar and preservatives which are added just to add taste and sustainability. These packed sugary juices are equally harmful just like carbonated soda. Instead of having these overpriced sugary juices, eating a bowl of fresh fruits is viable option. Having fresh fruits will not only gives you the flavour of the fruit, in fact it will give you the natural goodness present in them.


packed juice


Ice Tea and Coffee Drinks:

Coffee seems to be healthy as it contains caffeine that boost our metabolism and helps burning fat but these advantages are of no use when these drinks are loaded with highly sugared ice creams, artificial creams and sugar. If you are willing to lose weight, then having black coffee is always good.



Ice Cream:

Ice Cream is very delicious but this chilled deserts are high in calories as these are loaded with sugars.

ice cream

Sugared Cereals:

Highly Sugared Cereals are most commonly found food on the Breakfast table. Added sugar is one of the dangerous ingredients of today’s diet.

Believe Me or Not “To lose fat, cut down extra sugar in present in your diet.”

The food loaded with Sugar, refined flour or added fat will not let you lose weight with ease.

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