Surprising Home Remedies to Increase Haemoglobin

Natural Remedies to increase Hemoglobin

What is Haemoglobin ?

It is essential to have a proper amount of haemoglobin in the body as it helps to carry the oxygen throughout the body so that living cells can perform better. The red blood present in our blood is due to the presence of blood clotting iron. Deficiency of Haemoglobin stops the formation of blood in our body which causes diseases like anaemia.  Due to lack of blood, our body does not work properly, and many diseases take the body in its grip. You can find out list of home remedies to increase haemoglobin.

Symptoms of low haemoglobin

  • You feel tired all the time
  • Poor Immunity
  • Pale Skin
  • Increase in Breathing Rate
  • Uneven Body Temperature

Common Disease due to decrease in Haemoglobin

Anemia : This medical condition occurs when your RBC count or Haemoglobin level is below normal. Major cause for Anemia is destruction of Red Blood Cells. Low hameoglobin levels can be examined with simple blood test called Complete Blood Cells Count (CBC)

Thalessemia : This disorder results massive destruction Red Blood Cell in your body. It is also a inherited form of disorder that makes an abnormal form of Haemoglobin.

Now, when we are aware of importance of haemoglobin for leading a healthy life. We should keep a regular check on the RBC count. If we see any decrease in haemoglobin, we can maintain the desired haemoglobin level with few home remedies for haemoglobin increase.

So the question, How to increase Haemoglobin quickly? Here are few home remedies for increasing haemoglobin. Take a look.

Home Remedies to Increase Haemoglobin:-

  • Beetroot – The presence of iron in the beetroot is found in great quantity. By consuming it daily, the amount of blood in our body is balanced. Two glasses of juice should be consumed daily, it enhances the red blood cell (R.B.C.) in your body, causing blood to be made in our blood.

Beet Root


  • Tomato – Tomato is found in the presence of vitamin-c, which increases the amount of haemoglobin in the body. So consuming tomato can also be beneficial for us.

Tomato helps to increase haemoglobin


  • Spinach – In the leaves of spinach, an excess quantity of iron is found. Therefore, even after taking the spinach in the form of greens, our body’s blood loss gradually gets removed.Grind two of the spinach leaves and drink it with a glass of water daily. This reduces the lack of blood in the body.

Spinach helps to increase haemoglobin


  • Rajma (kidney beans) – Rajma also receives lots of iron content. The amount of haemoglobin in the blood can be balanced by consuming it.We use rajma as pulse but we can soak it in water and eat raw.

Rajma also helps to increase haemoglobin


  • Lemon – We can use Nebula by putting it in the food. Due to being a vitamin – c in lemon, it increases haemoglobin in our body, so that problems like anaemia do not occur.Whenever you eat, squeeze the juice of the small portion of lemon.Cashews, apples, grapes, and papaya – cashew apple grapes and papaya are consumed, these get vitamin-c which is good for red blood cells in our blood RED blood cells.

Lemon also helps to increase haemoglin


  • Pomegranate Juice – Anaan granules help to make blood in our body. According to the researcher of science, a drop of pomegranate produces a drop of blood.Take two acres daily and grind his granules and make juice.

Pomegranate helps to increase haemoglobin

  • Eat fish, eggs, milk: The amount of vitamin B12 is quite high in all these foods. Vitamin B12 helps in the formation of haemoglobin in our blood.

eat egg fish

Few Natural ways to increase Haemoglobin

  • Add Iron Rich food to your Diet
  • Avoid food that contains Gluten
  • Taking Cold bath twice a day help you improve blood circulation of your body.
  • Try having short meals, avoid over-eating.
  • Avoid Tea, Coffee, Alcohol etc coz they tends to lower the absorption of Iron in the body.

So, be more attentive towards your Haemoglobin level and keep a regular check on the same. We will try to keep you updated with more such food to increase your haemoglobin level. Stay Tuned.



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