Really!! Grains are Unhealthy for you Here is why.

why grains are u healthy

Grains are edible dry seeds that grow on cereals. They are widely grown in every part of the world and are very rich in minerals, providing energy to the body than any other food. They are eaten by humans as well used to feed the animals. These grains are processed into many other food products.

Foods made from grains include pasta, bread, oatmeal, pastries, cookies and some junk foods. Grains are liked by many but do you know these are also unhealthy for your body? I have brought some reasons for you why they are unhealthy to eat. Check out here,

1 – Grains have Lectins

grains have lectins

Grains have al-Qaeda, called lectins, but these lectins are harmful to our body. Lectins are proteins which actually harm our body. Because we can’t digest them, this damages the gut, inflames our body and makes them unable to absorb good proteins necessary for our body.

2 – Inflammation


Grain-based foods make your hormones out of balance. As long as you eat grains, you might experience inflammation in muscles and joints because of hormonal imbalance. Your body will start storing fat instead of releasing it, resulting in weight gain too.

3 – Phytates


Grains contain chemicals known as phytates, act as anti-nutrients which create digestion problems. Once they are in your gut, you aren’t able to absorb the nutrients. It may also contribute to mineral deficiencies over time.

4 – Anti-nutrients

Anti Nutrients

Grains contain anti-nutrients which interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals. These substances are made to keep insects and animals away from grains. Anti-nutrients bind with nutrients and prevent them from entering the body, making your body weak.

5 – Celiac disease

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease causes mal absorption of nutrients as well as the development of liver problems and autoimmune diseases. This disease is caused but eating grains and usage of excess grains might let you face liver problems.

If you don’t like grains, don’t eat them simply. But if you like them, I hope now you got to know the unhealthy and harmful side of them.

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