Easy ways to overcome cell phone addiction


Mobile phones are blessing in disguise. Since its inception, these phones have been evolving significantly. From a basic calling gadget, today it has become a mini computer in your hand. In fact, a lot of people today like to work on mobile phones rather than carrying an extra set of baggage. No doubt, cell phone addiction have brought a lot of convenience in our lives, but it has also made a huge impact on our lifestyle as well. Here are the ways to overcome cell phone addiction.

We can easily find people today around us who are always looking at their mobile phones constantly. You can easily call such people addicted because 90% of the time they are hooked to the gadget. When you get up in the morning, the first thing you look is your phone, while driving who want to keep a tab on your social networking status then you are addicted. You don’t realize, but your phone is interfering with your life and relationships. So, if you think that you are also part of this group and need to manage your addiction, then here are some tips that can help you significantly:-

  • Track your usage – You might not realize, but if you start checking the time you are hooked to your cell phone, you would understand that about 70% of your day, you are checking your mobile phone. Therefore, in order to get started, first of all, you need to track your mobile phone usage. It can be painful at first, however, when you review the time you are spending on each phone activity, you would realize that you are wasting the precious amount of your time looking at your phones.

Tracking of the usage

  • Cut down your usage – Take baby steps when you need to cut down on any addiction. Whenever you are trying to quit any habit you need to cut down on your habits slowly and steadily. Start reducing the time of your cell phone usage. Rather, indulge yourself in different activities so that you don’t get the urge to look at your cell phone.

cut down the usage of phone

  • Turn off your phones – It is very disturbing to see that you are talking to someone and they are constantly looking at their phones while they are acting that they are listening to you. Don’t do that! Rather switch off your phone when you are with someone or put it away from your sight. It is quite helpful in curbing the addiction.

Turn off your mobile

  • Don’t pretend to be important – Most of the people have a habit to check their mobile phones after every ten minutes or whenever they hear a ring. They assume that people are waiting for their responses and hence, they need to reply immediately to emails or social network notification. It might be required for some positions, especially if you are in a significant position in a company. But 90% of people do not require immediate communication like they behave. Remember, if it’s that important, someone will call you.


So, don’t let technology control you. Remember, we made the technology and it works for us, not the other way around.


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